Monday, 22 December 2008

December Desire...

December is a month when people celebrate miracles.The jewish tradition of Hanukkah-the Holiday of Lights-commemorates the time when a small amount of oil lasted 8 days and kept the light in the tample from going out.And christmas celebrates the coming of the light of the world,God in human from-Jesus.
A miracle is generally thought of as something that contradicts nature.But a true miracle is the introduction of God`s supernatural power into our world in a way that suspends the laws of physics as we understand them.In seems that more of us are willing to suspend disbelief and entertain the possibility that nature is not the final authority.Even the non religious yearn for miracles.Deep down,everyone want to belive that darkness,disease,and death can be overcome.
Perhaps the most wondrous thing about miracles is that it is God`s nature to do so supernatural

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