Saturday, 24 November 2012

I'm Back..Alive and fresh..

What's up guys...I'm back hahah its such long time not blogging i'm getting very busy lately...correction...sepanjang tahun  damn im buzy person for 2012.Well back to story,a lots thing happen recently on my life for sure my life never be same...not to mention but like what my moslem say,Takdir!!! Hurm not really belive in Takdir but its happen to can i say that am  agree to accept the concept of Takdir?LOL
Taken from my recent trip to Malacca..
Year 2012..i guess the busiest year for me..seriously fucking busy..which is sometime i feel like to resign from my current job,not only to take care of guest but save your ass from evil management especially some from FO high level itself..but if mak Jemah mengamok...even my superior can't do anything...*nasib badan lah kalau muka i masam tue...Sour face hahha
What more?Appraisal?Tak payah cerita after huhaha only get promotion from current post but still thankful coz of my current situation not so strict like before...but in term of happiness level i much2 like the previous one..damn happy hahha...
Guess what..i'm working full 7 days a week before getting off day..muka hensem jadi jelek hahha i thing the rubber tapper more flexiable time kannnn LOL and now november will gone soon and welcome Christmas hahah which is the stress month for me...present2..anak2 fruit bukan satu dua more than 10..barbielah,power rangers lah hahah better u guys pray to u uncle... dapat rezeki lebih sikit boleh lah beli ini dan itu"for sure budget for Calsberg already include haha..
Ok time to move forward i guess...could be more post after this...hopefully anyhow Good luck for harimau malaya tomorrow vs Singapore on footbal match*even tho harimau malaya not sound like reps for whole Malaysia(Sabah sarawak)

see next entry..