Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Hai there...how's life?Thanks God i'm back lalala...its almost 3 months without blogging...miss me?Sure not anyhow im miss you guys more than you guys can imagine hahah.Btw a lots of story to share actually,which one you guys prefer?About myself?My career?or how about food?haha,actually like i say,things happen,flow like a river gaytuee...well my entry posting "rebranding"sound good isn't?It was in 2007,when i get my 1st laptop,still remember when i pushing my uncle to look and buy me a new laptop and it's cost about 1700Myr,luckly i get my MARA loan and i spent that money for my laptop(actualy for study purpose)might be i will post on the facebook like nowsday,what i feel on that day(get new laptop)haha.
How i started with Blogging?It's all about desire,that time i'm envy with Maksu(bukan nama sebenar)He have own blog"Maksutimah"nowday  that blog already deactive,from there i start to asking myself why not i gave  a try haha,walau that time i don't know anything (even now)."Rebranding"excatly try to give some new input,new content and so on,well its not about one day journey but its just begin,i won't share anything for this entry(keep for next entry)Till then thanks again for spent time for visit my blog,nothing much just my thoughts.

*sorry for my english grammer.Lack for english education :p

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